Panoramic photographs are characterized by their especially wide format and are made with special cameras. There is a distinction between panoramic cameras with fixed lens, swing or rotating lens. For 35mm film the negative image format expand from 24x36mm to 24x65mm and even 24x110mm. Medium format expand from 6x6cm to 6x12cm, 6x17cm or 6x24cm. Large size formats exist for up to 8x20 inches. Rotational panoramic cameras provide a picture angle of 360 degrees.
The panoramic photographs shown here were taken with an old russian panoramic camera KMZ model FT-2. It has a ratio of 24x110mm, so that on a 35mm film 12 images can be exposed.

D-Day Anniversary, Normandy 2009


Bohemia, 2005 and 2006


Madeira, 2008


The Netherlands, 2009


Sweden, 2009